aim tosWhat is Truffa?

Truffa is a chocolate based confectionary product with the texture of fudge. Because it’s chocolate based, it’s richer and more….well, chocolatey.

How long does it last for?

 Once you receive your Truffa, keep it in the fridge and in an airtight container to keep it fresh for as long as possible.  Heat sealed bags of Truffa will keep for 6-7 weeks – often longer. Boxes will keep for the same length of time if you keep them in an airtight container, otherwise, they’ll be good for 3-4 weeks although best in the first two weeks. After this, if the Truffa isn’t kept airtight, the chocolate in it will start to ‘bloom’ and although this doesn’t affect the taste in any way at all, it does affect the way it looks.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver nationwide. Items are sent either by Royal Mail or courier. We aim to post 3-5 days after your order is placed. If you need your items delivered on a specific date, let us know and we’ll post accordingly. Just be aware that once the parcel leaves us, it’s in the hands of the courier.

Delivery in Swindon is free. Orders placed before 9pm Wednesday will be delivered that Saturday. Deliveries start at 8am so let us know in the notes during check out if you want us to leave your parcel in a clean, dry, safe place.

Please ensure you put the items in the fridge upon receipt. 

Can I collect?

Yes, you can collect – just let us know when to have your items ready!

Do you offer gluten free?

Some flavours are gluten free (like Salted Caramel, Dark Mint and Coffee) however, all products are made on premises that uses gluten and other allergens.  The base recipe we use is gluten free. Whether the finished product is gluten free or not depends on the ‘flavour’ choice, For example, Biscoff flavour has Biscoff biscuits in it, Jaffa Cake flavour has Jaffa Cakes in it so both are not gluten free. Coffee flavour just has coffee added and Salted Caramel flavour just has salt added so both are gluten free.  This can help you when choosing your flavours.

How about Vegan?

 None of the products are currently vegan as one of the main ingredients contains milk. We do have a dairy free alternative which we’re running trials with but we want to ensure that using the dairy free option doesn’t impair the flavour or texture that our Truffa is known and loved for. 


All products are suitable for Vegetarians EXCEPT those that contain marshmallows due to the gelatine. If you’d like to order Rocky Road minus marshmallows, just let us know either by sending a message or adding it to the notes during check out.